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The CORE FOUR Business Planning Course®

Development and History

The CORE FOUR® Business Planning Course was developed in 1998 by the Northeast Entrepreneur Fund as a culmination of years of experience training individuals in starting and growing their own small businesses.

The Northeast Entrepreneur Fund is an SBA Women's Business Center and an SBA Microlender Intermediary. We are a private, non-profit organization that provides training, consulting, and financing to small business owners in northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin.

The Northeast Entrepreneur Fund has developed programs such as the CORE FOUR® Business Planning Course based on customer needs. Thousands of prospective and existing business owners have come to us and asked the hard questions, made the tough choices, and shared their lessons learned. Bankers, venture capitalists, and other lenders have offered feedback by critiquing the business plans that were produced by students of the CORE FOUR® Business Planning Course. In order to provide quality, comprehensive business planning training, the Entrepreneur Fund continues to enhance and customize its training programs.

It took a decade to hone this training curriculum to the four cores presented, and the dedicated staff at the Northeast Entrepreneur Fund is passionate about these cores. Entrepreneur Fund staff are experienced and skilled in many areas, and all are involved in some way in developing our programs and curricula, coaching and counseling small business owners, and making decisions on whether or not to lend money. All of the Business Developers and Trainers at the Northeast Entrepreneur Fund are current or previous business owners.

The Northeast Entrepreneur Fund is currently partnering with several area community and technical colleges to help them create entrepreneurial campuses.

We are committed to being a sustainable institution that can support long-term economic solutions for our region. We will always focus on building tools and strategies that support entrepreneurship and that meet the needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses. The Entrepreneur Fund seeks, through its own actions and operations, to be a model of excellence for the businesses it helps create and for other organizations in America.

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Trainer Certification for Core Four: Business Planning Course

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Web training is $400 per person and includes an Instructor manual and a student manual ($243 value). tube8 spycamera