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The CORE FOUR Business Planning Course®

Features & Benefits

The CORE FOUR® Business Planning Course provides essential business planning knowledge for anyone with an existing business, a business idea, or simply the desire to become an entrepreneur.

  • Practical and real-world presentation of business planning concepts that participants can relate to and understand
  • Strong emphasis throughout the curriculum on the due diligence process of verifying and validating information
  • Teaches participants not only the pieces of a business plan, but also the process of creating a business plan
  • Engaging and interactive curriculum - the participants love it!
  • Inspires and motivates small business owners and gives them the feeling that this is something they can do
  • Flexible course length (12-36 hours, or even a semester-long college course). Contact us to learn what might work best for you!

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Trainer Certification for Core Four: Business Planning Course

Coming soon via video and web

Please call Maggi Cowlan, 301 891 1558  or

e-mail to reserve a spot.

Web training is $400 per person and includes an Instructor manual and a student manual ($243 value). tube8 spycamera