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The CORE FOUR Business Planning Course®


The CORE FOUR Business Planning Course® teaches aspiring or existing business owners the information and skills they need in four fundamental or “CORE” elements of business planning:
1: Success Planning
Success Planning presents tools for self-assessment, financial goal setting, setting boundaries, communication skills, selling skills, and contingency planning. Success Planning will help you prepare your “business owner” resume and personal financial plan and help you become aware of your wants, needs, and goals for your  business.
2: Market Planning
Market Planning presents tools and strategies for transforming your dream into a real, market-driven business. The importance of matching your business with the needs and wants of customers is highlighted as you discover how to identify the features and benefits of your product or service and learn about imaging, packaging, pricing, selling, promotional planning, and contingency planning. You will learn how to target your customers, analyze your industry and competition, and identify your position in the market.
3: Cash Flow Planning
Cash Flow Planning presents detailed strategies for planning the financial future of your business with emphasis on projecting sales, setting sales goals, and contingency planning. Cash Flow Planning helps to clarify the personal financial needs of the owner as separate from the financial needs of the business.
4: Operations Planning
Operations Planning presents key issues and strategies for operating a legitimate business that complies with legal standards and requirements. This section will help the business owner identify what work must be done, how it will be accomplished, and by whom.

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