The Be Strategic: Grow Your Business Course

Some of the Worksheets

  • Getting Ready for Growth, Instructions for Questionnaire
  • Personal/Entrepreneurial Skill Assessment
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement and Sample Vision Statements
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Strategic Biz Plan Outline and Definitions
  • Strategy Group Journal
  • Goal and Strategy Exercise – JJ’s Company
  • SMART Goals
  • Developing the Goal, Strategy and Objectives
  • Goals, Strategies, Objectives worksheet
  • Action Timeline for Year One
  • Outline for Marketing Plan Outline
  • Sample Marketing Worksheet
  • Sales Forecasting and Work Plan
  • Break-Even worksheet:  Dollar Basis
  • Pricing for Product
  • Glossary of Accounting and Finance Terms (resource)
  • Chart of Accounts (resource)
  • Time Management worksheet
  • Delegation worksheet
  • Action Planning worksheet
  • Social Media Fact Sheet

Training Schedule


Trainer Certification for Core Four: Business Planning Course

Coming soon via video and web

Please call Maggi Cowlan, 301 891 1558  or

e-mail to reserve a spot.

Web training is $400 per person and includes an Instructor manual and a student manual ($243 value). tube8 spycamera