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The CORE FOUR Business Planning Course®


Developed by the Northeast Entrepreneur Fund, Inc., The CORE FOUR Business Planning Course® teaches aspiring or existing business owners the information and skills they need in four fundamental or “CORE” elements of business planning:

  • Plan for business success
  • Plan to meet the needs of the marketplace
  • Plan the business cash flow needs
  • Plan how the business will operate

Starting with a business idea, the CORE FOUR Business Planning Course® is used to plan a business in real time.As students and entrepreneurs learn by doing, they will see the business idea evolve as they build the details. Our experience demonstrates that a strong, well-researched business plan increases the likelihood of success. Entrepreneurs will save time and money later on by making mistakes up front and on paper. The skills they learn in business planning will pay off in other areas of your life, as well.

After you have planned your business, your CORE FOUR instructor can guide you to resources that will help you finance and operate your business.

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Trainer Certification for Core Four: Business Planning Course

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Please call Maggi Cowlan, 301 891 1558  or

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Web training is $400 per person and includes an Instructor manual and a student manual ($243 value). tube8 spycamera